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The VELUX Group strives for
high industry standards for Uw-values

Independent testing continues after 278 test results reveal discrepancies in the declared and actual thermal performance of some competitors’ products

The VELUX Group’s preference is for a well-functioning roof window market for the benefit of consumers, manufacturers and the entire industry, with correct thermal performance and thereby correct Uw-value declarations shown on all available products. Because of this, during the last few years it has instigated the global consultancy Navigant to organise tests of its own and competitors’ roof windows.

So far, 278 tests have been done to establish the status of Uw-values on a range of windows available to consumers, versus the declared and actual Uw-values of windows brought to market. The basic premise is that the values for sold, declared and tested roof windows should be the same. The test results however showed discrepancies between these values. Only 13 out of 278 tests performed to the declared value.

High standards, uniform approach and transparency needed for level playing field

The results highlight the need for an improved and uniform approach in the industry, so that consumers can trust product declarations as holding true. Therefore, the testing process, publishing of results online and informing of competitors and authorities, plus subsequent filing of complaints by the VELUX Group, is set to continue for as long as there is an unlevel playing field in the roof window industry.

    As market leader in the roof window industry, we consider it our duty to ensure high standards are upheld,” says David Briggs, VELUX Group CEO. “Therefore, we advocate a uniform approach to testing and declaring Uw-values and believe that transparency is in the best interests of the entire industry. For a few years now, we have instigated independent tests to determine the actual thermal performance of roof windows brought to market and we will continue to do so for as long as there are issues. By making the results known to all, we hope that increased awareness will eventually lead to a positive change in the industry for the benefit of consumers.

Factory production control system

The VELUX Group prioritises quality and sets high standard for its roof windows. Related to this, the VELUX Group has set up a comprehensive factory production control system to monitor several roof window parameters, including the Uw-value. This system checks, in detail, compliance between the series manufactured product and the window used for the performance assessment and declared Uw-value and ensures that VELUX delivers what it promises.