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In Europe, 90% of today’s buildings will still be in use in 2050. 75% of those buildings are not energy-efficient, and 80 million Europeans are living in damp and unhealthy homes. Society is in need of energy-efficient buildings that provide both a healthy indoor climate and produce a minimal impact on the environment. A transition is needed. If Europe’s buildings are to be fit for 2050, then we need to triple the renovation rate. This would lead to a major reduction in energy use and health costs while boosting economic growth and job creation.

Energy renovation of buildings is tangible and the effects are felt fast. Energy renovation can happen in less than 6 months, with savings taking place from the very first day of use, while simultaneously making a valuable contribution to economic growth across Europe. It’s a pure win-win

Jørgen Tang-Jensen, fomer CEO, the VELUX Group

80 million

Europeans live in damp and unhealthy homes 

9 out 10

buildings today will still be in use in 2050 

Building sector

is the biggest energy consumer in Europe

Active House


€39 billion

could be the return on investment in 2020 due to ambitious renovation programs


invested by government in renovations can return up to €5 back to public finances

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