Research and knowledge

Evidence and research can qualify decisions that can be crucial for the way we design our homes, schools, hospitals and offices. That is why we in our knowledge centre, Daylight, Energy and Indoor Climate, we are committed to contributing to the expansion of sustainable buildings by creating  research, knowledge and tools measuring the performance of daylight and natural ventilation in rooms and buildings.

Daylight, Energy and Indoor Climate Basic Book

The Daylight, Energy and Indoor Climate (DEIC) Basic Book is created for professionals working with building design and research to find facts and insights on the effects of windows in buildings on occupants.

Research projects

We are committed to taking a leading role within the building industry to positively influence decision-making that will improve indoor environments and therefore  we engage in co-operations with leading researchers. This has resulted in multiple studies focusing on the impact of daylight and natural ventilation on people‚Äôs health and well-being as well as on how good building design encompasses comfortable living, energy efficiency and the sustainable use of resources.