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Have you ever wondered why you feel tired and uninspired during the day - at home, at the office or at school? It could well be down to an inadequate indoor environment. Indoor climate plays a far greater role in our health and well-being than most of us realise. In fact, poor indoor air quality and lack of daylight can decrease work productivity significantly. Studies have shown that they can affect work performance by up to 10% and increase rates of sickness-related absence.

Studies have shown that building improvements give rise to numerous benefits including improved work performance and satisfaction, as well as fewer sick days. Our productivity at work can increase by 15% in a good indoor climate, with daylight, indoor air quality and temperature all playing a role

Peter Foldbjerg, Head of VELUX Group’s Knowledge Center

Green Lighthouse

10% more office


more white light exposure received by office workers with windows


increase of productivity due to relocation of employees to new building with better daylight conditions

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